Are you afraid of your dentist? Well, in order to have the best oral health, you shouldn’t be. Nothing can harm your dental health more than dental anxiety, which is why our dentists provide patients with top-notch sedation dentistry.

The Types of Sedation Offered at Dental Health Care Associates

At Dental Health Care Associates, we keep your individual needs in mind. Regardless of your procedure, we will find the best sedation solution for you.

Our resident Philadelphia dentist, Dr. Jordan Grant, holds a Class 1 license to practice anesthesia, thus allowing our practice to provide patients with top-notch sedation dentistry.

We offer the following sedation methods at Dental Health Care Associates:

  • Oral sedation dentistry
  • IV sedation dentistry
  • Nitrous oxide sedation dentistry


If you’re in need of sedation dentistry in Philadelphia, don’t hesitate to choose Dental Health Care Associates. For a complimentary consultation about sedation dentistry, call us today at 484-498-2129.